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Big Sandy Broadband Announces 250 Mbps Broadband Speeds

WEST VAN LEAR, KY, August 23, 2017 –  Faster broadband speeds are coming to Eastern Kentucky because of private investment in network upgrades made by Big Sandy Broadband. These improvements should provide businesses and consumers with faster and more consistent Internet speeds that they require to prosper in a connected world.

Following the recent completion of the network upgrades, Big Sandy Broadband now offers 250/50 Business Broadband and 200/25 Residential Broadband throughout its service territory in Johnson and Floyd County KY. Big Sandy Broadband’s upload and download throughput speeds are many times the official definition of broadband maintained by the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC defines broadband as 25 Mbps for downloading and 4 Mbps for uploading.


“We are excited to provide these speeds.  All should know that quality, affordable high-speed broadband is available today in Eastern Kentucky via a locally owned small business deploying fiber deep into the system.  It’s a point of pride that we can offer such service while our competition relies upon Federal grants, Loans and subsidies to offer inferior service, said Big Sandy Broadband owner Paul Butcher. Big Sandy Broadband was founded in 1961.

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