Home Phone FAQs

Home Phone Service FAQs


Why would I switch to Big Sandy Broadband Digital Telephone?
Our Digital Telephone Services are not only affordable and feature-rich, but it would eliminate the hassle of paying multiple bills. Sign up for our Broadband Bundle, and receive cable, high-speed internet, and digital telephone services from one place, and receive one monthly bill for all three services!

What are Big Sandy Broadband’s Long Distance charges?
Here at BSB, all long distance in the US and Canada is included in our unlimited long distance plans. For International rates, we charge a $10 flat rate monthly fee for international calls. Please note pricing is subject to change at any time.

Will my house need to be re-wired?
No. We will send a service team to your home to install the additional equipment needed for you to use our digital telephone services. The existing wiring in your home will function as it always has.

Will it work with my current telephones?
Yes, your current telephones will work with our services. You do not need to buy any special handset for our digital telephone services to operate successfully.

If my cable goes out, will my telephone go out too?
Not necessarily depending on the type of outage.  If the cable goes out due to a broken line or a catastrophic power failure beyond our control, your phone may go out.  We have standby powering at our network headquarters to minimize any outages.